photo of Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher

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photo of David Brown

David Brown

Vice Chancellor for Government Relations and Advocacy

photo of Ann E. Cudd

Ann E. Cudd

Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor

photo of Kris Davitt

Kris Davitt

Senior Vice Chancellor for Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement

photo of David N. DeJong

David N. DeJong

Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Operations

photo of Lina Dostilio

Lina Dostilio

Vice Chancellor of Engagement and Community Affairs

photo of Mark D. Henderson

Mark D. Henderson

Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer

photo of Rosalyn Jones

Rosalyn Jones

Vice Chancellor and Secretary of the Board of Trustees

photo of Heather Lyke

Heather Lyke

Director of Athletics

photo of Clyde Wilson Pickett

Clyde Wilson Pickett

Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

photo of Rob A. Rutenbar

Rob A. Rutenbar

Senior Vice Chancellor for Research

photo of Hari Sastry

Hari Sastry

Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

photo of Anantha Shekhar

Anantha Shekhar

Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences and John and Gertrude Petersen Dean of the School of Medicine

photo of Geovette Washington

Geovette Washington

Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Legal Officer

photo of Kevin Washo

Kevin Washo

Senior Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Chancellor Gallagher's Chief of Staff

Strategic and Administrative Support Staff

photo of Sue Mesick
Sue Mesick
Executive Assistant for Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and Senior Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Chief of Staff Kevin Washo
photo of Ken Manuel
Ken Manuel
Administrative Assistant
photo of Mary Jo Race
Mary Jo Race
Director of Administration
photo of Lila Rose
Lila Rose
Deputy Chief of Staff
photo of Paul Supowitz
Paul Supowitz
Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives

Business and Finance Staff

photo of Leo Constantino
Leo Constantino
Senior Director of Business and Finance
Anusha Kesavan
Business and Finance Administrator
photo of Caitlin Manchin
Caitlin Manchin
Director, Business and Finance

Communications Staff

Bethany Miga
Senior Director of Executive Communications
photo of Katie Fike
Katie Fike
Executive Communications Specialist