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Chancellor’s Spotlight

September 1, 2023
Joan Gabel shares reflections on the July kickoff survey responses and encourages safety preparedness.
July 26, 2023
As the commonwealth has not yet approved its final FY24 budget, our budgets were approved under the assumption that the state will continue its half-century-plus tradition of supporting in-state students.
July 17, 2023
Joan Gabel marks her first day as Pitt’s chancellor and invites the University community to provide feedback.

The Plan for Pitt

Students at Cathedral Lawn

Since our university’s founding in 1787, Pitt has emerged as a global leader in academics, research and scholarship. Learn more about the Plan for Pitt »



in economic impact


in research impact




in charitable impact

Community Service
Community Engagement

Through academics, research and outreach programs—as well as the volunteerism of its students, faculty and staff—Pitt provides health and wellness services, technology support, arts programs, business assistance, sustainability collaborations and much more.

Pitt Research

Groundbreakers come to the University of Pittsburgh to find answers and ask bold new questions. A research powerhouse by any measure, Pitt is consistently among the top U.S. institutions for National Institutes of Health funding. 

Nursing Lantern Ceremony
Health Sciences

The University looks to its schools of the health sciences to propel scientific discovery and clinical innovation and to educate and prepare future researchers, physicians, and health care providers and administrators for 21st century careers.