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April 7, 2022

A Message From Chancellor Gallagher

Chancellor Gallagher shares his intention to step down from his role as chancellor in summer 2023.

May 1, 2020

Planning for Fall 2020

Chancellor Gallagher discusses the University’s preparations for fall and operations as government restrictions continue to evolve and invites the Pitt community to provide feedback. Read more »
April 26, 2020

Dear Class of 2020

Chancellor Gallagher celebrates the University’s latest graduates, who have earned their degrees amid extraordinary circumstances.  Read more »
March 20, 2020

Pittsburgh’s Race to Protect the Helpers

Chancellor Gallagher’s op-ed in the Post-Gazette highlights the Pittsburgh community’s role in helping the health care industry respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more »
March 18, 2020

Additional Reductions in Pitt's Operating Status

As the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, the University of Pittsburgh will be taking additional steps that reduce—to an absolute minimum—the need for faculty and staff to be on our campuses, while allowing our core teaching and research mission to continue. Read more »
March 11, 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic: Pitt's Actions

Chancellor Gallagher shares the latest decisions that the University of Pittsburgh is making in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Read more »
March 3, 2020

Investing in Pitt Is a Critical Investment for the Commonwealth

Chancellor Gallagher provides a look at the University of Pittsburgh’s undeniable impact on the state of Pennsylvania—and incredible impact on its communities, families and future. Read more »
January 16, 2020

Advancing Our Community-Driven Response to Preventing Sexual Misconduct

In October 2019, Chancellor Gallagher launched a community-driven response to preventing sexual misconduct at Pitt and, in doing so, set several initiatives in motion. We now have some early milestones to share. Read more »
January 7, 2020

Announcing Pitt’s Next SVC for the Health Sciences

Dr. Anantha Shekhar is the University’s next senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and John and Gertrude Petersen Dean of the School of Medicine. Read more »
January 6, 2020

The Plan for Pitt 2025: Your Input Needed

The University’s next strategic planning process is underway. This is a critical exercise—one that will set Pitt’s priorities and trajectory over the next five years. And we will need your help. Read more »
December 10, 2019

Pitt Seed Project Year Three

The end of the year approaches and—with it—a new call for Pitt Seed Project ideas. Read more »
October 25, 2019

One Year Later: Renewing Our Commitments

This weekend, Pitt will join our neighbors throughout the city as we honor the lives lost and forever changed by the Tree of Life massacre. And, in the process of remembering, we will renew the commitments made to each other in the aftermath of the attack.  Read more »
October 15, 2019

A Community-Driven Response to Preventing Sexual Misconduct

This morning, the Association of American Universities (AAU) released findings from a spring 2019 survey designed and administered by the independent research firm Westat. The survey—officially called the AAU campus climate survey on sexual assault and misconduct—was hosted by 33 institutions across the country. Read more »
August 27, 2019

Next Steps: Socially Responsible Investment Committee Report Response

Chancellor Gallagher responds to the Socially Responsible Investment Committee’s report, released in Spring 2019. In this message, he asks the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer to explore three distinct approaches. Read more »
July 22, 2019

In Support of Global Engagement

Chancellor Gallagher writes to the University community about the importance of fostering and sustaining global academic engagement at Pitt. Read more »
July 18, 2019

Socially Responsible Investment Committee Report

In January 2018, amid growing interest from our university community, Chancellor Gallagher established a committee to examine socially responsible investing as it relates to Pitt’s investment portfolio. Read more »