Dear Pitt community members:  

From our campus here in Pittsburgh, we are watching the news stories evolve—anxiously following the approach of Hurricane Florence, which is predicted to charge into the nation’s southeastern coast later today.  

While our thoughts are with everyone who may be impacted by this devastating storm, we are also keenly aware that many members of our University community—students, alumni, loved ones—have left the familiar behind and embarked on an agonizing wait to return and survey the damage. 

As a community—and in line with Pitt tradition—our first reaction is to step up and offer to help. To that end, we are pulling together a new webpage that will connect Pitt community members with opportunities to engage in emergency response efforts. Once ready, we will be advertising and updating this page on our homepage,

For any Pitt student impacted by Florence: We’re here to help. Please contact Mary Bigante, the University’s care manager, at 412-624-5756 or

For alumni impacted by Florence: Our Alumni Relations Office is in touch with local Pitt Alumni Clubs based in affected areas and ready to offer assistance. If you have trouble reaching your local Pitt Alumni Club or don’t know where to start, we can help. Email Ron Idoko, director of Pitt Clubs, at

When this storm passes and the nation shifts its focus to long-term recovery plans, we will continue to share ways to support our Pitt family members in affected areas. For those already impacted: Please know that you are not alone and that an entire Panther nation is standing by, hoping for the best and ready to help.        

Patrick Gallagher