Dear Members of the Pitt Community: ​

Nearly a year ago, the world was shocked by the brutal killing of George Floyd. The scene catalyzed a national discourse on inequity, injustice and the police and brought new attention to society’s deep racial divides. The need for change—for an honest reckoning with the systemic racism that divides our country—seemed to grow more urgent than ever before.

Despite today’s verdict, this sense of urgency remains. More Black men, women and children have died at the hands of those who are sworn to fight for the general welfare of all.

We recognize that this trauma—and its aftermath—now feels too familiar. If you are struggling, seek help. Reach out to loved ones, keep your instructors and supervisors informed, and consider the resources listed at the bottom of this message.

In the days ahead, our community will continue to lean into our values and our shared mission of creating and leveraging knowledge for the greater good. We will continue to be accountable to others and kind to ourselves. And we will continue to work toward a future where equity, justice and safety for all are the expectation—not the exception.


Patrick Gallagher, PhD

Ann E. Cudd, PhD
Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor

Anantha Shekhar, MD, PhD
Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences
John and Gertrude Petersen Dean, School of Medicine

Kenyon R. Bonner, EdD
Vice Provost and Dean of Students

Clyde Wilson Pickett, EdD
Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Office

Contacts and Resources