Dear Pitt Community Members: 

In the spirit of the approaching holiday, I want to take a moment to say thank you.

Thank you for welcoming our newest class—the class of 2021—with open arms.  

Thank you for volunteering in communities across the state. You painted rooms, planted trees, tutored students and so much more to advance our University’s longstanding commitment of serving others in need.        

Thank you for playing a pivotal role in securing state funding for Pitt. Together, you wrote more than 50,000 messages to state lawmakers on this issue; it was an outpouring of support that showcased the amazing power of our Pitt community.

Thank you for supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion and helping us ensure that Pitt remains a place where free speech respectfully pushes boundaries and civil discourse is the norm—not the exception.   

And thank you for showing up, each day, and helping to make our University an unparalleled place to learn, teach and work. 

I am incredibly proud of Pitt’s mission to leverage knowledge for society’s gain and extremely honored to be advancing this mission in such great company.   

Here’s to a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving break. 

Patrick Gallagher