Dear University Community:

I am proud to announce the launch of the Pitt Success Pell Match Program, which will set into motion the most significant restructuring of financial aid in the University of Pittsburgh’s long history. 

Through this program, the University will begin matching federal Pell Grants dollar for dollar (not to exceed the cost of attendance). In addition, the University will move to expand aid for families with unmet need as part of a concerted effort to remove financial barriers for students who are pursuing a world-class Pitt education.   

In the program’s first year—which will kick off in fall 2019—we expect that the University’s investment in students and families with financial need will increase by 47 percent compared to just five years ago. At our four regional campuses—where financial need in our community runs highest—this program is poised to increase Pitt’s average need-based award by 114 percent relative to five years ago.  

I truly believe that higher education is the single most important investment that individuals (and their families) can make in their future. A college degree brings opportunity, connections and—the data is compelling—economic strength and success.

This is why, as a University, we are committed to taking the right steps—and taking on the right challenges—to realize a world where cost does not prevent a student from pursuing or earning a Pitt degree. It is also why the Pitt Success Pell Match Program is part of a growing suite of options—one of seven initiatives—that our University has launched or added in recent years to help support an environment where the best, brightest and boldest students—regardless of their financial circumstances—can attend Pitt and thrive.


Patrick Gallagher